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Transient View
  • Real time instantaneous transients
  • Transient plots at different locations
  • Pipe flow direction
  • Cavitation

Sneak Preview
Click here for transient
display (1.2 Mb)

Running the Transients

When the network has been drawn and checked, click on the run button to start the real time transients. The window changes from the Drawing and Editing View to the Transient View which has two windows.

  • The larger window displays the real instantaneous transients propagating through the pipeline.
  • The smaller window displays the transients at selected locations of the pipeline identified by colored vertical lines.

Run Time Controls
Slow down real time transients     Stop or pause transients
Speed up real time transients Rerun transients
Step by step transients Rescale the drawings

The Windows environment is ideal for quickly drawing the pipe network and boundary conditions. A pipeline can literally be drawn in minutes.

  • The above window shows the transients caused by pump failure are excessive and cavitation occurs at the high points.
  • The window on the left shows the transients with an one way discharge tank located at the top of the first rise.

  Click here to enlarge view

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