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Aquiferwin32 Detailed Description
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Introduction to Aquiferwin32

Aquiferwin32 is the most sophisticated and most Windows-compliant application for pumping test analysis, slug test analysis and step test analysis. In addition, Aquiferwin32 performs analytical groundwater flow modeling and pumping test simulations. Implementation was not hampered by legacy DOS code; it was designed and programmed specifically and exclusively for 32-bit Windows operating systems. The suite of available analyses is extensive and continually increasing.

About data entry in Aquiferwin32

  • As simple as entering or importing data into spreadsheet, characterize pumping and monitoring well, select solution type and match data
  • Alternatively, designed as a repository for raw aquifer test data with programmatic data conversions
    • Define a site plan including a site map, well locations and well construction information
    • Define an aquifer test including pumping schedule, wells monitored and raw drawdown versus time data
    • Define an analysis by grouping wells, transforming and clipping well response data, optionally adjust for radial distance on a well by well basis

About data analysis in Aquiferwin32

  • Primary support for traditional manual curve matching techniques
  • User selectable and unlimited type curves on curve match graph
  • Multiple parameters available as type curves for many analyses
  • Graphically visualize the impact of specific parameters with custom type curve suites
  • Extensive curve match optimization capability
    • Control which parameters are optimized
    • Set minimum and maximum bounds on parameters
    • Optimize any parameters across multiple data sets

 About units in Aquiferwin32

  • Full control of parameter and data units on a parameter by parameter basis and well by well basis
  • On-the-fly unit conversions
  • Peer review process assisted by instantaneous global unit conversions without affecting match results
  • Parameter-based unit conversion calculator

About graphics in Aquiferwin32

  • Full control of graphs including size, titles, axes, colors, fonts, dash patterns and line thickness
  • Type curve graph, predicted drawdown curve through data points, observed drawdown data
  • Contours of predicted drawdown at a given time and predicted drawdown versus time data at any number of monitoring wells
  • Annotate maps and graphs with text, parameters, symbols, lines, frames and legends
  • Frames support display of bitmaps and metafiles
  • Exports to DXF and Metafile formats
  • Site map and well location plan displayed in map view

About printing in Aquiferwin32

  • WYSIWYG printing with Print Preview of all views
  • Customizable margins and scaling
  • Customizable headers and/or footers supporting bitmaps and metafiles
  • Supports any Windows printer driver

About Windows features in Aquiferwin32

  • Multiple Document Interface
  • OLE Full-server supporting linked and embedded items
  • Copy views to clipboard as metafiles and OLE objects
  • Tab views including spreadsheet, type curves, predicted curves, map and simulator
  • Data spreadsheet in split window
  • Context-sensitive help
  • Context menus
  • Property Sheets (Tab Dialogs) to maximize ease of use
  • Tip of the Day
  • Dockable toolbars with tool tips

What's New in Aquiferwin32 Version 2.0

Aquiferwin32 has been updated to include many of the things users have requested ranging from making the initial default spreadsheet line optional to adding major functionality such as derivative analysis. Every attempt has been made to make the application more user-friendly and full featured. If we have missed something you feel is important, let us know. Aquiferwin32 will continually be enhanced, and all interim releases will be free and downloadable from the Internet until Version 3.0 is available sometime in the new millennium.

New Analyses in Aquiferwin32

  • Distance-drawdown analysis
  • Kansas Geological Survey Slug Test Model

New Functionality in Aquiferwin32

  • Derivative analysis
  • Derivative type curve suites
  • Manual match of first-order derivative of data to first-order derivative type curves
  • Optimized match of first-order derivative of data to first-order derivative type curves.

Variable Pumping Rates in Aquiferwin32

  • Many pump test analyses now support variable pumping rates
  • Serves as an alternative method to analyze recovery data

Import Wizard in Aquiferwin32

  • Load data logger files with date/time conversions
  • Support for custom file filters which extend the user-interface
  • Custom filters apply to copy/paste from the clipboard

User-interface changes in Aquiferwin32

  • Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) functionality added to all software versions
  • New user-interface features like flat and rebar style toolbars and bitmap menus
  • Many defaults saved to system registry like graph styles, page setup options and spreadsheet options
  • Edit a selected subset of lines in spreadsheet as a group
  • More control of graphs like size of graph window, auto-scaling of axes and automatic units on axis labels
  • Page setup options now include: Portrait vs. Landscape, optional borders around margins and separating graph from headers and footers, simple default header/footer

Modeling Version in Aquiferwin32

  • Analyze and/or simulate pump test consisting of any number of pumping wells, each pumping at variable rates monitored at any number of monitoring wells
  • Extend many of the pump test solutions into a modeling environment capable of generating contour maps and/or color floods of predicted drawdown or hydraulic head
  • Calculate and display particle traces
  • Optimize analysis parameters to match transient calibration targets
  • Provides an extensible common user-interface for analytical analyses and models capable of hosting other calculation engines like WinFlow