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WinFlow is a powerful yet easy-to-use groundwater flow model for Microsoft Windows. WinFlow is a true Windows program that takes advantage of the many sophisticated features users have come to expect from Windows software.

WinFlow is an interactive, analytical model that simulates two-dimensional steady-state and transient ground-water flow (both confined and unconfined aquifers) with wells, uniform recharge, circular recharge/discharge areas, and line sources or sinks. The model depicts the flow field using streamlines, particle traces, and water-level contours. Some of the key features include:

  • Simulates both steady-state and transient flow in confined and unconfined aquifers
  • Simulates effects of wells, linesinks, ponds, and recharge
  • Imports map files in DXF format, QuickFlow format, or ModelCad format
  • Simple data input
  • Calibration targets and calculation of calibration statistics
  • Double-click an element to edit
  • Click and drag to reposition elements, streamlines, or particles
  • Multiple models may be open at one time
  • Cut, copy, and paste elements to/from the clipboard
  • Maps may be printed using any Windows device driver
  • Full context-sensitive help system (the entire manual is on-line)
  • Drag-and-drop input files into the WinFlow window

WinFlow simulates both steady-state and transient flow. The steady-state module simulates ground-water flow in a horizontal plane using analytical functions developed by Strack (1989). The transient module uses equations developed by Theis (1935) and by Hantush and Jacob (1955) for confined and leaky aquifers, respectively.

WinFlow is simple to use and highly interactive allowing you to create an analytical model in minutes. The software features standard Windows pulldown menus and property sheets to facilitate the model design. Common menu selections and commands are also available on the toolbar. The entire WinFlow manual is available as on-line, context-sensitive help.

WinFlow produces report-quality graphics using any Windows device driver. Output may also be exported to a wide variety of file types, including SURFER, Geosoft, Spyglass, Windows Metafiles, and AutoCAD-compatible DXF files.

WinFlow is identical to the Modeling Version of Aquiferwin32 without the Aquifer Test analysis functionality; therefore, refer to the Modeling Summary page for additional details about its capabilities.